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The Well Traveled Athlete

Justin June 25, 2009 3

Shaq is now onto his fifth team, which seems like a lot for one of the league’s all time great players. Aren’t megastar hall of famers supposed to spend their entire career playing for

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There was Something in The Air That Night, The Stars were Bright

Justin June 25, 2009 0

FERNANDO! Did you know the Mets have set the all time record for most Fernandos?  In fact, the current roster has nearly 19% of all the Fernandos in the history of major league baseball.

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The Showdown in Chinatown without Jackie Chan

King Ing June 25, 2009 0

Last night was the second annual “Showdown in Chinatown” charity soccer match featuring Steve Nash and Claudio Reyna. (The event was held at Roosevelt Park, the place where I am going to dominate Asian

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USA is moving on up those FIFA rankings

King Ing June 24, 2009 0

If you told me this morning that Team USA would upset the #1 ranked Spanish National Team today in the Confederations Cup, I would have told you to go suck on a cucumber. Even

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America’s Team Assaults America’s Ear Drums

Justin June 24, 2009 0

Heavy Metal. IT’S THE DEVILS MUSIC!!!! It’s also the Cowboy’s music

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Athletes n Autotune

King Ing June 24, 2009 2

What happens when you mix the Allen Iverson, Dennis Green, Jim Mora, Mike Gundy, and Joe Namath freakouts with Autotune? You get this masterpiece. The only thing missing is T-Pain and his ‘BIG ASS

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Live (ish) Blog: The 2001 NBA Draft

Justin June 23, 2009 1

The NBA Draft is Thursday night, which means NBA TV is in the middle of one of my favorite things: it’s annual draft marathon. The tapes go back to the early 80’s, when the

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Get excited! It’s the NBA Draft on ESPN

King Ing June 23, 2009 0

Thursday marks the day of the 2009 NBA Draft. There are so many intriguing questions that will be answered. Where will Ricky Rubio go? Will teams pass on Hasheem Thabeet because he lacks the

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Anytime you can compare the Transformers

King Ing June 23, 2009 0

If you can compare the Autobots and Decepticons to the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry I am there [MySportsRumors

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Hilary Rhoda is a two sport chick

King Ing June 23, 2009 3

So whose arms do you run to after a breakup with New York Jets quarterback Maark Sanchez? If you are Hilary Rhoda, you jump into the arms of the “sloppy seconds” man Sean Avery. Page

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