Fight Night in Vegas featuring Anna Kournikova

King Ing June 30, 2009 0


Apparently Enrique Inglesias’ girlfriend mixed it up with some female partygoers in Sin City over the weekend. As Page Six tells us:

“Anna Kournikova got into a fight Saturday night in Las Vegas after an unidentified woman threw a drink at the tennis ace. Kournikova and her pals were partying at Lavo after attending the Hardbat Classic table tennis tournament when a woman at the next table “threw a drink at Anna. She felt Anna was invading her space,” our source said. Kournikova “sprung into action” and starting screaming at the woman and shoving her. “It was a big fight,” the spy said. The woman was kicked out only after leaving Kournikova with some vicious scratch marks on her neck.”

Girls can be so petty. Although it seems that Anna got the worst of it, one thing I heave learned in life is to not mess with the Russians. They are some ruthless mothertruckers. (Especially when it comes to money)

BTW, hopefully someone caught this on video. I would love to see some hair whipping around.

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