Cristiano Ronaldo needs to stay far away from Paris

King Ing June 19, 2009 3


Hilton that is. She is like a vulture and wants in on the Cristiano Ronaldo fame train. As News of the World reports:

“She brazenly pursued her goal of scoring with the footballer by telling him within a few hours of meeting him: “We could be great together, you know.

“We’re both so famous we’d become even bigger than David Beckham and Posh Spice. We’re way hotter and younger than them anyway!” She was overheard at her sister Nicky’s house, where the pair spent the night.

Afterwards Paris giggled to a friend: “I told him I’m going to move to Madrid to be with him. I promised.”

The pal told us: “Doug was just a washed-up reality TV star. All of a sudden there wasn’t as much interest in Paris, and her appearance fees were cut dramatically. She was working like a dog to make the same amount of money as before. She knows if she wins over Ronaldo she’ll be one of the hottest properties again.”

Bigger than Becks and Posh…I don’t think so. That is what you get for dating losers from “The Hills.” Speaking of which I would like to use this opportunity to ask out either Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavallari. Any takers?


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