Kate Hudson and A-Rod introduced by matchmaker

King Ing June 11, 2009 0


A real estate broker can find you a killer place to live, but if you are Alex Rodriguez he can also find you a sweet date.

“We hear that superagent Adam Modlin of NYC’s The Modlin Group suggested A-Rod might hit it off with fellow client Hudson – and Rodriguez jumped at the chance.

Continues the source, “Adam has known Kate for a while, as well. He’s been showing her townhouses in the West Village for about a year now. He thought Alex and Kate would like one another, and sure enough, when they connected, it was a home run.

According to a second source, A-Rod and Kate first met “in Miami at the Fountainebleau hotel opening in November ’08 – Adam introduced them. The first five to 10 minutes of their conversation was about Adam. At the time, A-Rod was all about Madonna.”

But when the Material Mom ventured off into greener pastures – aka Brazilian model Jesus Luz – A-Rod reconnected with Kate, and their love match is now sizzling. Eyewitnesses were shocked at the couple’s chemistry after a recent PDA-heavy display at 40/40 club (where A-Rod is a part owner).

“Alex was holding Kate’s hand the whole time and stealing kisses whenever he could,” says a snitch. “He is so into her and doesn’t even mind when his friends tease him about her.”

It must be nice to have friends like that. If they could only teach him about being clutch.

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