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Justin June 6, 2009 1

The New York Post’s Kevin Kernan caught up with former Yankee Kevin Maas in today’s paper.

It turns out that, while he was an incredibly one-dimensional player, Maas is actually quite a well rounded human being. He has an engineering degree from Berkeley (the University of California.. not the online degree mill that advertises on TV) and is a financial consultant with Charles Schwab out in the Bay Area.

The best story, though, may be about the young player Maas shared a locker with, during his second go around with the Yankee organization, playing for Triple A Columbus:

 He remembered Jeter getting teased about something else, too. “He had a crush on Mariah Carey,” Maas said. “He listened to her music all the time.

“The next year I was in Japan and Derek was in the big leagues and I think he had 10 home runs and a little while later was dating Mariah Carey,” Maas said with a laugh. “Dreams do come true — playing shortstop for the Yankees, hitting homers and dating Mariah Carey.”

It’s nice to see a former player who made the transition without driving drunk or going bankrupt or something worse. Good work, Kevin Maas!

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