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Who knew Jack Kerouac was the father of sabermetrics?

California Correspondent May 16, 2009 0

Jack Kerouac recorded player stats, analyzed their performance and wrote about them in a homemade newsletter. Sound familiar? The only difference of course is that Kerouc made up his teams, the athletes, and their

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Bruce Smith Sacked….Again

Justin May 15, 2009 0

Alltime Sacks leader Bruce Smith was arrested early this morning  for driving drunk in Virginia. Its the third time he’s been charged with DUI in his life, with previous incidents in 1997 and 2003. 

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Here’s A Little Salt in Your Wound

Justin May 15, 2009 3

David Ortiz is not getting it done this year. There has been talk in Boston about possibly dropping him in the lineup.  He’s hitting just .220 with only 15 RBI on a very good

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This is the stadium dreams are made of

King Ing May 15, 2009 2

Some geniuses decided to create a soccer stadium out of 230,000 beer cans to promote the Champions League Final (Manchester United v FC Barcelona) on May 27th. Just revel in the craftsmanship! How long

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Kobe Bryant misplaced his championship rings

King Ing May 15, 2009 0

These Nike muppet commercials featuring Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are really entertaining. “The Chalk” ad was great, but this “Three Rings” one was even better. I wonder what video game LBJ is trying

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Sasha Vujacic does a dunky chunky monkey

King Ing May 14, 2009 0

I feel like I have neglected “The Machine” this playoff season. And to make it up to you here is a double dose of Sasha Vujacic in action. Ricky Rubio better watch out! -H/T

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The Crackle Wonders: Bert Sugar

Justin May 14, 2009 4

The subject of our latest SportsCracklePop interview is nothing short of a sportswriting legend.  Bert Sugar is out with a new book (he’s written more than 50) marking the 70th Anniversary of the Baseball

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More Like Corey Blunt. Am I Right, People? I’m Here All Night. Try The Veal.

Justin May 13, 2009 1

Former Cincinnati Bearcat star Corey Blount will be going to jail for the next year, after reaching a plea deal on marijuana charges. And this was a lot of marijuana: Blount was arrested Dec. 4 after

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Cristiano Ronaldo likes what he sees

King Ing May 13, 2009 0

And by that I mean another guys pecker. This package belongs to Park Ji-Sung. Was it me or did Cristiano Ronaldo glance down at his junk after

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Caption This

King Ing May 13, 2009 0

Big Baby doesn’t appreciate being touched like that

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