Do The Mets Have Swine Flu?

Justin May 31, 2009 1

Probably not.

But, it is worth noting that John Maine was forced from his start Sunday because of a stomach bug. Carlos Beltran was out with the same illness, after leaving the lineup mid-way thru Saturday’s game.

It’s also worth noting that the Mets play in Queens, which has been the epicenter of New York City’s swine flu outbreak, the largest one in the country. So, it’s not entirely implausible. Here’s how it could happen:

Let’s say there’s a member of the organization who lives in Queens. It could be anyone; An assistant GM or a personal assistant.  That person has a kid who goes to one of the many New York City schools which has been forced to close because of H1N1. That kid gets sick and spreads the germs to his or her parents. The Mets’ employee doesn’t want to miss a day of work during the season, so despite the fact that they’re not feeling up to par, they come into the office. The virus spreads throughout the building, finally reaching someone who regularly interacts with the players. One player gets sick but hangs out in the clubhouse anyway. The Flu gets on the couch, on the benches, on the buffet table where all the players eat.  Boom! The Mets have swine flu.

Like I said, it’s highly unlikely. 98% impossible. But, this is the Mets. If it’s going to happen to anyone…

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