Mark Cuban finds that pizza soothes the soul

California Correspondent May 28, 2009 3

mark-cuban-upsetIt’s been a rough couple weeks for Mark Cuban. First, Time Warner drops HDNet due to “limited appeal”, and then Mavericks are eliminated from the playoffs.

So, how do most people recoup after a bad week at work? Why not indulge in a little pizza? It seems that Mark is just like you and I — except that instead of ordering a large pie, he writes a large check to the pizzeria.

Cuban is a proud new investor in Naked Pizza, a New Orleans-based pizza shop that serves only the healthiest and most natural pizza, oh yeah, and they market themselves on Twitter (but who doesn’t now?). Along with the investment, Cuban get’s the franchise rights for all of Texas. So, even if the Mavs are out and HDNet is failing, Cuban is still the winner, because he has more pizza than you.


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