The Orlando Magic broke more than the shot clock

King Ing May 21, 2009 0

Count me among the people that thought the Orlando Magic had no shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers in this series. The Cavs were too hot and the Stan Van Gundy’s just came off a grueling series with the Celtics. But I seemed to forget that no one on Cleveland can guard Hedo and Rashard Lewis. I mean Lebron can guard one, but he isn’t that great where he can cover both at the same time.

And how soft is Big Z. I mean he makes Adam Lambert look tough. (How did he lose American Idol anyways. Probably better because most of the winners of that show just get dropped by their labels a year later).

After the LBJ dunk/block on Dwight Howard/nail a three pointer scenario, I thought the Magic would just pack it in. But as the video shows there is no quit in this Orlando team. And now that I say all this you can lock it up, Cleveland easily covers Game 2 of this series.

-Video rip courtesy of Awful Announcing

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