Here’s A Little Salt in Your Wound

Justin May 15, 2009 3

David Ortiz is not getting it done this year. There has been talk in Boston about possibly dropping him in the lineup.  He’s hitting just .220 with only 15 RBI on a very good offensive team.  Perhaps more alarming for Red Sox Nation is that Ortiz hasn’t gone deep yet. In fact, his last homerun was hit on September 22nd of last season.

Here’s what has happened since..

-The Boston Bruins played an entire season, going as far as Game 7 in the 2nd round of the playoffs

-The New England Patriots played 13 games, won 9, lost one quarterback, traded another one, had the first quarterback undergo surgery, get an infectiom, be given a clean bill of health, and marry a supermodel (more than once, on various continents)

-Entourage, 30 Rock, ER, Flight of the Conchords, Bones, The Big Bang Theory and probably hundreds of other shows I don’t watch began and ended complete seasons.

-The Swine flu mutated, spread, infected hundreds of people around the globe, and reached borderline pandemic levels.

-The Dow Jones Industrial average has lost 25% of its value

-The US elected a New President… and he’s a black guy!

-More than 300 players have hit homeruns in a Major League Baseball Game. That list includes such luminaries as Brett Gardner, Jonathan Van Every, Shawn Riggins, Chris Dickerson, Bobby Scales, Brian Buscher, Tyler Greene, Adam Everett, Mike Aviles, Jack Hannahan, and pitchers Carlos Zambrano, Micah Owings, Yovani Gallardo (he has 2), Chan Ho Park (he’s from Korea), and Pat Maholm


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