OJ Mayo’s handler received cash from Tim Floyd

King Ing May 13, 2009 0


Yahoo Sports report that USC head basketball coach gave cash to OJ Mayo’s handler. Louis Johnson, a person that was once in Mayo’s inner circle has told “NCAA investigators and federal authorities including the FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney’s Office that Floyd gave at least $1,000 in cash to Rodney Guillory.”

“Johnson also said Mayo received approximately $30,000 in extra benefits from Guillory while playing for the Trojans. He first made those allegations to ESPN’s Outside The Lines in May 2008, producing a litany of receipts to back up his claims, including purchases of food, clothing and a 42-inch flat-screen TV for Mayo.”

If this is true, USC is going to see some heavy probation time. Goodbye top recruits and goodbye Tim Floyd.

Outstanding reporting and a must read for any college basketball enthusiasts. It is so hard to believe that more of these stories don’t come to light. High profile amateur athletics (college football and basketball) is a big business, and wherever there are big dollars you will be sure to find some shady characters along the way trying to make that money.

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