More Like Corey Blunt. Am I Right, People? I’m Here All Night. Try The Veal.

Justin May 13, 2009 1

Former Cincinnati Bearcat star Corey Blount will be going to jail for the next year, after reaching a plea deal on marijuana charges. And this was a lot of marijuana:

Blount was arrested Dec. 4 after sheriff’s deputies intercepted 11 pounds of marijuana sent to him at a relative’s house. Investigators said they found another 18 pounds in a subsequent search of his home.

Although Judge Craig Hedric did not sentence Blount to the maximum 10 years in prison, he rejected Blount’s claim that the marijuana was intended for personal use and to share with friends.

Now comes my favorite part. Judge Craig Hedric thinks he’s Sheckey Green

“Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much,” Hedric told Blount.

Good one, Judge!

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