Knicks are a long way away from ’73

tommy neumann May 10, 2009 2


Today is an anniversary for all New York Knicks fans. On May 10, 1973 the Knicks won the last of their two NBA titles, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers four games to one. It’s been 36 years since we won it all, well before I was even born. That winning team featured Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Walt “Clyde” Frazier in the backcourt as they battled the legendary Wilt Chamberlain in his final NBA game. It was the third time in four years these two teams played for the title.

The day is an unfortunate reminder of just how bad things have gotten at The Garden.

The 21st century has not been kind to the Post- Patrick Ewing Knicks, with the Knicks unable to compete for a playoff spot in a lackluster Eastern Conference. We have not had a winning season since 2000-2001. This is hard to take for the Knicks fan who grew up watching Charles Oakley and John Starks play their hearts out in playoff games. The NBA playoffs used to be about Jordan’s Bulls vs. Ewing’s Knicks, now they are about Lebron’s Cavs vs. Kobe’s Lakers. This rivalry will be great for the NBA as they need a rivalry to spotlight and bring back the ratings they had when Jordan was their marquee superstar.

Unfortunately, the Knicks could be reduced to an afterthought and that’s why the draft this year is crucial. Maybe all the years of losing will deliver us the goods, although this draft seems scarce on talent, with very few players that will impact the league. The Knicks need to draft a franchise player like Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin and bring some noise back to the Garden. Also, Forget about Lebron coming to New York. The Cavaliers are playing so well right now its hard to imagine him leaving to come play for us. There is no easy solution and I am glad that Donnie Walsh is in charge and that he’s trying to think long term. Getting rid of the absurd contracts that were on the books helped us to potentially land some free agents in the future. Though lets face it, the Knicks seem light years away from making the finals.


  1. midtownmike4 May 10, 2009 at 11:52 pm -

    I love the Knicks. Sadly, we will never see a team like the 1993-1994 Knicks ever again. The intensity that Ewing, Oakley, and Starks brought to the game night in and night out is why I grew up a Knicks fan and remain a Knicks fan today – holding out hope that Walsh can get the team back on track.

    People like to trash Isiah Thomas. Yes, he was a terrible coach. However, he made some good draft picks for us. David Lee and Wilson Chandler are both solid. I can live without Nate Robinson — and Gallinari has yet to prove himself. Regardless, at least these young players provide a glimmer of hope — and maybe a good supporting cast for the 2010 free agents.

    Ron Artest should be on the Knicks. I still can’t get over the Frederic Weis pick in the 1999 draft. Did you see the Rockets dismantle the Lakers today sans T-Mac and Chairman Yao? Ron-Ron brings so many intangibles to the game – he’s awesome. He practically begged for the Knicks to trade for him when he was on the Kings. But no… heaven forbid we part with David Lee! Unbelievable. I like Lee – but the guy plays no D.

    Let’s talk about 2010. This is a year to look forward too. Lebron is not coming to NY. D-Wade is staying in Miami. We need a playmaking PG. Duhon is a good backup – but we need another Mark Jackson at the point. Will we see a D’Antoni-Nash reunion in 2010? Nash isn’t getting any younger – but Coach Mike knows how to get the most out of Nash. We also need a good shot blocking center. Hopefully we get Thabeet in the draft. He would be a welcome addition to the team. I think if we get Nash and either Amare or Bosh – that would be a satisfactory result for 2010. Combine any combination of those guys with our young core – and things could get exciting.

    I hope the Knicks make some moves over the summer. Let’s see what Walsh has up his sleeve. Again, I would not mind seeing Artest in a Knicks uniform at some point.

  2. tommy neumann May 11, 2009 at 9:04 am -

    midtown mike drops knowledge about our beloved knicks. i couldnt believe the knicks drafted that french frie weis over artest. u ever see vince carter dunk on that dude.i was so hyped that artest would be a knick my jaw dropped when they passed on him.I agree with mike we need a true point guard and a much more defensive oriented unit.peace

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