Mike Tyson sings a mean Phil Collins

King Ing May 8, 2009 2


Everyone remembers this great .gif (above). Come to find out it is a clip taken from the new movie, “The Hangover.” And thanks to FirstCuts we get the extended trailer where Mike Tyson sings Phil Collins’ incredible song, “In the Air Tonight.” Iron Mike is so versatile. He is good at so many things.


  1. Darius Denzel Wesley January 14, 2010 at 6:03 pm -

    people can say whatever they want to say Mike Tyson is a street smart genius because he was born and razed in one of the roughest places and still over came some chalenges to become the youngest heavyweight boxer in hisory I respect that even though he has had his head played with my his ex wife and her mom and has been tricked out of millions of dollars from the con man don king but he still provides motivation and inspiration to young uncomming boxers like myself and no matter what anyone says no one can take that from him and mike is the right person to be talking about this because he know’s what goes on in the streets and rough area’s
    -Darius Denzel Wesley

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