The Doctor is Out

Justin May 7, 2009 0

The last episode of Scrubs may have aired last night.  So, after 8 years, let’s give the series a proper SportsCracklePop goodbye. 

Here are the show’s main characters and the greatest sports stars with who they share a name:


First, it’s JD and JD. John Davidson was a great goaltender for the Rangers and Blues, before becoming the sports most famous broadcaster and ambassador. He’s currently running the Blues’ organ-I-zation, and has returned them to the playoffs.


Turk and Turk. That’s Turk Wendell;  relief pitcher, dugout tooth brusher, foul line jumper over, and animal tooth around his neck wearer.


Elliot and Elliot. That’s Elliot Maddox, everyone’s favorite black jewish baseball player from the 70’s who isn’t Rod Carew.


Nurse Carla Espinoza and former Yankee shortsop Alvaro Espinoza. There are not a lot of professional athletes named Carla.


Dr. Cox and Bobby Cox. COX! HA!

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