Not Every College Kid Loves Videogames

Justin May 7, 2009 0

When we were younger, my brother used to buy EA Sports’ NCAA football every year, then spend every night for like 2 weeks methodically entering the real names of every player on every team (backup linemen included.)

He had to do this, of course, because NCAA rules prohibit the inclusion of names on any product.  But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t tell who was who. That big, speedy QB#10 on Texas was Vince Young. We all knew it. But, we accepted the system because that’s how it was and no one thought to say anything different.

Enter Sam Keller. The former Nebraska QB has filed suit against EA, claiming they owe him money for using his likeness. And not just him. It’s a class action suit, filed on behalf of every college football player ever depicted in the game.  Did you play D1 football? Congratulations. You’re suing Electronic Arts.

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