From Flattening QB’s To Flattening Pleats

Justin May 5, 2009 0

Remember two years ago, when Michael Strahan was a football player? Times have certainly changed. Aside from his role on Fox NFL Sunday, The all-time single season sack leader is now a full time Subway Spokesman, a potential sitcom star, and…. an expert home-maker.

He was on Martha Stewart this morning, learning how to iron.

Here are some helpful tips

Properly ironing a shirt is a breeze with these step-by-step instructions.

1. Begin with shirt still damp from the dryer or sprinkled with water. Starting with the underside of the collar, pull and stretch the fabric away from the iron as you work to prevent puckering.

2. Next, iron the inside of the cuffs, followed by the sleeve fronts and placket.

3. Place a towel under the facedown buttons to cushion them as you iron. Iron the outside of the sleeves, using a sleeving board if possible. Iron the outside of the cuffs if possible.

4. Iron the inside of the yoke (the part of the shirt that rests on your shoulders) and then iron the back of the shirt. Iron the outside of yoke and back.

5. Iron the outsides of the shirt fronts, being sure to always iron around the buttons and not over them. Finish with the outside of the shirt collar.

6. Hang on a wooden hanger and fasten top button.

Thank you, Michael Strahan. I will now look presentable while thinking about how you used to be a fearsome pass rusher unconcerned with appealing to my mom.

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