Pacman v Hitman equals the fight of the year

King Ing May 1, 2009 0


Saturday is shaping up to be the best sporting day of the year. No matter what sport you love, there will be something on TV for you. Can you beat the Kentucky Derby (preview coming up later), NHL Playoffs, Mets v Phillies, and Game 7 between the Celtics/Bulls. Add the icing on the cake, the one event I can’t wait; the “fight of the year” featuring Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton and you have the ultimate guys day. (Imagine getting married on this day. Congratulations World of Isaac!)

The winner will be declared best “pound for pound fighter” and more importantly will set up a huge payday in a bout with the recently unretired Floyd Mayweather. No matter how loud the singing of “There is only one Ricky Hatton” will be, it will be hard pressed to beat Pacman; who hasn’t lost since 2005.

And while my preview of the fight be awesome, I will let the guys over at Rumor and Rants do the job. And a great job they did.

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