BCS: Baseless Congressional Snoozefest

Justin May 1, 2009 0

The baseball season is a month old. The Bulls and Celtics are currently engaged in a 1st round playoff matchup that may very well go down as the greatest series in NBA history. The Caps and Pens are about to begin a 2nd round playoff series featuring the 3 best players in the sport (and someone named Semin.) The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. You know what no one is talking about right now? College football. 

Well, almost no one. With the economy in freefall, wars in two nations, an upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court, and the swine flu threatening humanity, a Congressional subcomittee has decided to hold hearings on the BCS.

Texas Congressman Joe Barton, who is a well known moron, compared the BCS to communism, which I’m sure makes all the hard working Americans who fled here from Eastern Europe and Cuba during the cold war feel good about the sacrifices they’ve made in life.  It’s football, you yutz!

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