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2009 One Shining Moment

King Ing April 7, 2009 0

That was a dud of a National Championship game. North Carolina proved what most thought all season. That they were the best team in the nation. Overall these 64 games provided us with some

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What do George Bush and Josh Hamilton have in common?

California Correspondent April 6, 2009 0

No, I’m not talking about their past. Today George W. Bush threw the ceremonial first pitch at Rangers Ballpark to Josh Hamilton. If there’s one thing Bush is actually good at, it’s throwing the

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Last call for Shelley Smith

King Ing April 6, 2009 0

Busted Coverage has video of Shelley Smith “closing down the bar” in Detroit this past weekend. Not sure if she just tripped on something or just plain stumbled into the guys arms. Either way

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Aaron Rodgers favorite play is the skinny post

King Ing April 6, 2009 3

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers talks up a fugazy blonde at Body English in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Isn’t he suppose to be at offseason workouts

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Watch people open baseball cards, so you don’t have to do it yourself

California Correspondent April 5, 2009 1

The NY Times flexes their journalistic prowess today, uncovering a little-known group of baseball card collectors that share their exuberance in the “breaking” (ie. opening) of a box of new cards by posting their

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The Crackle Makes Like Architectual Digest and Reviews a Building

Justin April 4, 2009 0

As previously advertised, I attended the Yankees/Cubs exhibition game at Yankee Stadium Friday night (otherwise known as the first ever game in the new building.) Impressions? I have a few

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The inaugural game at the new Yankee Statium

California Correspondent April 3, 2009 0

Paul O’Neill (with a mobster-like shirt collar) and David Cone handled the commentary, Reggie Jackson threw the inaugural pitch, Wang threw the first pitch for a strike,  Jeter got the Yankees first hit (for

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Ty Lawson is the ultimate dice controller

King Ing April 3, 2009 1

Not only is Ty Lawson regarded as the best point guard in the country, it seems he has handles off the court as well. Craps is probably my favorite pit game in the casino

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Which starlet forgives the cheating and just wants a ring?

King Ing April 2, 2009 0

Gatecrasher asks us: “Which starlet turns a blind eye to her athlete boyfriend’s philandering ways? Her dream is to get a diamond ring so she can finally leave the business.“ Some people will just

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The Arizona St. womens basketball team played like poop

King Ing April 2, 2009 1

“Poop” is one of the funny words in the English language that will always make me chuckle like a schoolgirl. And when used while yelling at someone, it adds even more humor. That is

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