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DVR-BLOG: NCAA Men’s Hockey Championship

Justin April 11, 2009 4

Ok, well, here we are.  The game started at 7. It’s exactly 7:25  when I’m starting this, but through the magic of Digital Video Recording, it’s like I haven’t missed a minute of the

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You Should Watch This

Justin April 11, 2009 0

7pm Saturday Night. If you’re anything like me, you have no plans. Who goes out on Saturdays? It’s so cliche. You should tune into ESPN to watch the NCAA men’s hockey championship game, live

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A heartfelt tribute

King Ing April 10, 2009 0

A heartfelt tribute by Matt Clapp of Sharapova’s Thigh, who unfortunately lost his best friend, Henry Pearson, in the same car accident that took the life of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart. Our thoughts and

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Blogs With Balls: Be There or Be Square

King Ing April 9, 2009 1

“Blogs With Balls is a series of regional social sports blogger and new media gatherings featuring speakers and panelists specifically focused on sports fans, writers, sites, teams, athletes and companies; and their ability to

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Behind the scenes with Chelsea FC

King Ing April 9, 2009 3

Chelsea handily defeated Liverpool in the first leg of its Champions League quarterfinal match yesterday. The 3-1 road victory gives them a huge leg up on The Reds in the return match next week.

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Michael Phelps fifteen minutes of fame are running out

King Ing April 9, 2009 5

Remember when Michael Phelps used to be America’s golden boy. But winning 8 gold medals in Beijing became nothing after 1 bong hit. And it looks like Phelps isn’t doing anything to try and

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Caption This

King Ing April 8, 2009 0

Marko Jaric is having a good old time on the swing at a NBA Cares playground dedication in Memphis. Unfortunately Adriana Lima was nowhere in sight

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Proper mens stadium bathroom etiquette

King Ing April 8, 2009 0

JoeSportsFan gives us advice on what proper stadium bathroom etiquette should be. I see these rules broken all the time. Thank you Sebek for alerting the public about their unsanitary behavior in the restroom.

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Jennifer Aniston wants in on the athlete dating pool

King Ing April 8, 2009 3

After her failed relationship with John Mayer, it seems that Jennifer Aniston has her eyes set on dating an athlete. “Sources claim the actress had made a list of prospective boyfriends in the athletic

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Just Sayin’

Justin April 7, 2009 1

If you took a look at this picture without any pre-existing knowledge of the two men sitting there, which one would you think has the serious chronic illness? inspired by a text message

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