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Chris Bosh and friends mock MTV’s The Hills

King Ing April 22, 2009 0

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am a big fan of “The Hills.” It is one of my many guilty pleasures. Unfortunately most people don’t feel the same way and

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Are Khloe Kardashian and Derrick Ward now dating?

King Ing April 22, 2009 4

Not wanting to be outdone by older sister Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Reggie Bush; rumor is that Khloe seems to have found a running back of her own. And he is newly signed

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You Should Bat Cleanup for The Oakland A’s

Justin April 21, 2009 3

This is a ridiculous stat that may not have gotten as much play as it should so far this season. Through 13 games, here is the list of people tied for third in homeruns

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Who Needs ESPN When You Have PBS?

Justin April 21, 2009 0

If I told you there was an interview show which featured Mike Tyson and Coach K, what show would you think I was referring to? Real Sports? E:60? Some sort of Bob Costas production?

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Ray Allen wants you to eat this and KG says your mother

King Ing April 21, 2009 0

Due to a wedding this past weekend I wasn’t able to watch any of the NBA Playoffs. So game 2 of the Celtics and Bulls series would be my intro to the 2009 season.

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Happy Birthday to Don Mattingly

Justin April 20, 2009 5

April 2oth is a popular day in history, and not always for good reasons. But, it’s also the day that the greatest defensive first baseman in history was born. It’s been a good week

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Charles Barkley can’t eat a slice of bread

King Ing April 20, 2009 0

Surprisingly Charles Barkley could not finish Chris Webber’s Bread Challenge. You would think that it would be easy enough to finish a slice of bread in 30 seconds. But I guess it is harder

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David Beckham shows us the new Aura cellphone

King Ing April 20, 2009 2

And of course he doesn’t wear a shirt. The ad has a very Arnold Schwarzenegger type feel to it. At first I thought the phone would be featured in the new “Terminator Salvation” movie.

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The USC Song Girls were out in full force

King Ing April 20, 2009 1

Thanks to the guys over at Busted Coverage, we get bikini pictures of the USC Song Girls at the “Swim with Mike” charity event. Enough said

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Are you ready for the NBA PLAYOFFS

King Ing April 18, 2009 0

The NBA Playoffs start today in Boston (sans KG). And I don’t see any other teams beating the Cleveland Cavaliers or Los Angeles Lakers. Vegas agrees as the payout for that matchup is 1/2.

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