Change We Can Believe In

Justin April 29, 2009 2

Today marks the 100th day of the Obama Presidency. While cable news will be full of wall to wall coverage of the political ramifications of this cultural sea change, it is up to SportsCracklePop to provide you with the sports ramifications. Below are some of the issues and organizations which have changed as a result (directly or indirectly) of the new President.

BCS: While the Bowl Championship Series isn’t exactly on life support, its days are probably numbered. It’s certainly not a high priority, but the President certainly has brought it up enough to make it clear that he wants a playoff. Oddly, though, I don’t think it was mentioned last week, when he welcomed the BCS Champion Florida Gators to the White House.

NFLPA: A relatively young black lawyer is elected to bring change to Washington. it works for new NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith too. Although, he isn’t bringing change to Washington. He already lives there. But, you must admit, there was an Obama factor at play here. Smith is a relative outsider who was elected over two more well known and well entrenched candidates for the job. And after taking office, he made like President Obama and reached out to some outspoken critics. The President has made overtures to Iran and Cuba, and the NFLPA has made overtures to Mike Ditka and other retired players.

MoneyBall:Nate Silver became a cross-over star during the campaign season by using his baseball prospectus mind for stats to predict election results. And it worked. Is it possible that the President’s embrace of intellectualism will finally translate into professional sports organizations fully trusting the statistical models which have been so successful for the younger generation of GM’s?

Oregon State: Do You think the under .500 Beavers would have qualified for that ridiculous third tournament if their head coach was not the President’s Brother-in-law. Do you think we would even have remembered that Oregon State had a basketball team if not for Craig Robinson. On a side note, Beavers. Ha!

Washington Nationals: You’re a joke. The President did not throw out the first pitch at the Nationals first home game this year, pretty much solidifying just how little anyone cares about this moribund franchise.

Your Sunday Afternoons:Ok, follow me on this one. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has switched parties, and is now a Democrat with the full backing of the White House. He’s also Comcast’s favorite Senator. Comcast has been at war with the NFL over distribution of NFL Network and Sunday Ticket. Is it possible that the Specter switch will lead to the White House pressuring the NFL to make a deal with cable companies? It’s possible.


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