Happy Birthday to us! We turn one today

King Ing April 28, 2009 0


So today has been one full year of Sports Crackle Pop. Justin and California Correspondent wanted me to have some special stuff ready for this day, but if you know me that wasn’t going to happen.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to you the visitors for repeatedly coming back to the site even though some days we lack updates (you can blame it on athletes not doing anything dumb or dating enough hot celebrity chicks). Actually, you can blame it on me being lazy or as Jamie Foxx says “blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.”

King Ing would also like to thank the spammers for loading up the comment section with their peddling of fake-Viagra and telling me that winning 5 million dollars if only a click away. This is a special shout-out to you guys in Poland. You guys are relentless.

Thanks to all those that have contributed to the site (DeGags, Dave in Brighton, Koala, ect…). Without you guys we would have even less content then we already do.

Big ups to all the sites that link us up (Busted Coverage, The Big Lead, Deadspin, Extra Mustard, NESW Sports, ect…). There are so many more great blogs that I haven’t mentioned, but know that they are awesome and you should read them. You probably should be reading them instead of this pointless post.

So again we thank you all for helping us achieve a Google Page Rank of 5 and a Sports Blog Index ranking of 17! Hopefully this upcoming year can be even better. And the only way that could really happen is if a hot chick sends me an email that says she wants to pose in some bikini for the site.

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