Greg Paulus refuses to let us forget him

King Ing April 28, 2009 1

Between considering a move to a school that will let him compete for a starting quarterback job and now this picture, it seems that whatever Greg Paulus does will forever be in the spotlight. 850TheBuzz has a pic of the former Duke point guard wearing Carolina Blue while holding a baby in a Tyler Hansbrough jersey. Actually that could be a 00 or a 30. I really can’t tell.

This was part of an ACC barnstorming tour down in Fayetteville where the players all wore the North Carolina warmups. Can someone explain to me what exactly a barnstorming tour consists of?


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  1. Scott Salley April 28, 2009 at 5:45 pm -

    Can someone explain it? Yes. Someone can.

    Seniors from UNC and Duke travel across North Carolina and take on seniors from the local high schools they visit. I think there are about 5-6 stops. This is the 31st year of it – even Michael Jordan was a part of it “back in the day”. Its not a UNC or Duke event – its put on by an indepedent group.

    It starts with an autograph session and then they play the game. It basically turns into one big “And One” event with dunking, crazy three pointers, and no defense at all. The fans love it because they’re all super-crazy for the Heels (especially Hansbrough who rivals Tim Tebow for God-like admiration in these parts. Grown men were screaming like little girls at him…it was freaky).

    I’m sure the players get some sort of cash for doing it – since they’re seniors it doesn’t matter for eligibilty – but a good chunk of the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House and the area high school they visit.

    And – they are not wearing the UNC warmups – just the shirts are that color. But the uniforms are all white with their numbers being the color of the team (Hansbrough’s is Carolina blue, Paulus’ is dark blue).

    You ask – I deliver.

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