You Should Bat Cleanup for The Oakland A’s

Justin April 21, 2009 3

This is a ridiculous stat that may not have gotten as much play as it should so far this season.

Through 13 games, here is the list of people tied for third in homeruns for the Oakland A’s:

Jason Giambi, Matt Holliday, Eric Chavez, Orlando Cabrera, Dana Eveland, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Reggie Jackson, Bo Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Jackson Browne, Oakland Mayor Willie Brown, 1988 political ad bogeyman Willie Horton, Horton from “Horton hears a Who”,  Pete Townsend from the Who, John Entwistle from The Who, Harry Houdini, Harry the Sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons, John Lithgow, French Stewart, former French President Jaques Chirac, former Staten Island school teacher Jack Sherak, imaginary ladies man Jack Tripper, Tripp Palin, John McCain, John Mclean from Die Hard, Leslie Nielson from Spy Hard, Brigitte Nielson, Sly Stallone, Frank Stallone, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys (detectives), The Hardy Boys (tagteam wrestlers), The Iron Shiek, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Marquis De Sade, Caligula, Penthouse Publisher Bob Guccione, Spin Publisher Bob Guccione Jr, Axl Rose (get in the ring, mother-f’er), Axl Foley, Judge Reinhold, Judge Judy, Judy Garland, Garland, Texas Mayor Ron Jones, People’s Temple founder Jim Jones, The Kool-Aid Man, Alex Neil Miller, Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, Monroe from “Too Close for Comfort”, Gavin McLeod, Gavin Rossdale, Liam Gallagher, Gallagher, Carrot Top, Red Foxx, Nellie Foxx, Mark Ellis.

Yes, there are only two members of the Oakland A’s who have homered so far this year. Jack Cust has 2 homeruns and Nomar Garciaparra has 1. And that is all. Chien Ming Wang gives up more than that before he records an out.  How is this not the biggest story of the young season so far?


  1. davestewart April 22, 2009 at 7:46 am -

    that poster is classic. roid heads! you think they airbrushed mcgwires acne craters on his face. these two put more shit in their bodies then ben johnson

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