David Beckham shows us the new Aura cellphone

King Ing April 20, 2009 2


And of course he doesn’t wear a shirt. The ad has a very Arnold Schwarzenegger type feel to it. At first I thought the phone would be featured in the new “Terminator Salvation” movie. Otherwise I really didn’t understand the concept of the campaign until I read this.

“In a statement, Beckham says he loves classic watches, “so a phone that exposes its mechanics while also being so stylish is really unique. Motorola always seem to come up with something different, a concept that no one else has, and they’ve certainly done that again with AURA.

Still I don’t know what is so special about this $1400 dollar phone compared to most free ones. Someone please explain.

(The video ad for the Motorola Aura is after the jump…)


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