Bethenny Frankel and A-Rod strike out

King Ing April 17, 2009 1


Just a couple days ago it was rumored that Alex Rodriguez and Bethenny Frankel were stepping out on the town together. Now it just seems like they are on the outs or actually never really in. Gatecrasher reports:

“Less than a day after the Yankee slugger squired the “Real Housewives of New York” star around Miami after a chance encounter at a local hotel, A-Rod was seen canoodling poolside with a “trashy blond girl,” a spy says.

“Alex and this girl were laying outside at the Delano, soaking up some sun,” our source reveals. “She’s definitely got the stripper look A-Rod seems to gravitate toward.”

Well glad to see Alex hasn’t changed. He really is a serial dater and is probably better off being single. At least the man is a gentleman on dates.

“Alex wanted to show her some of his Latin roots, something (ex-wife Cynthia) hated doing. So he took Bethenny to a Latin steakhouse in Coral Gables. It was very romantic,” our snitch shares.

But not romantic enough. “He dropped her off like a gentleman after the date, but they didn’t tear up the clubs the way Alex likes to,” says another insider. “And they definitely didn’t have sex.

I was really hoping this would work out and Rodriguez would show up on a couple episodes of “The Real Housewives” talking to Ramona or Jill. Yes I do watch the show. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

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  1. bshrek April 20, 2009 at 3:34 pm -

    i kinda like it too…but don’t tell my wife

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