Shaq says revenge is a dish best served right away

King Ing April 16, 2009 0


So guess I was wrong saying that Shaquille O’Neal wouldn’t have time to seek revenge on Louis Amudson for the peanut prank. The man is fast. He took less than 24 hours to get payback.

The Hoop Doctors show us pictures of “The Big Cactus,” with the help of a couple teammates shaving a patch of Amudson’s hair off. Poor guy! I know about long locks and if you shaved a patch of mine off I would not be as cordial as Lou.

Video of the prank after the jump…

The conclusion of the video can be seen here. (Just jump to the 7 minute mark)

Look how nervous Lou was. He continuously looked over his shoulder the whole time. He probably regrets pulling the prank now.

Shaq was right. “Payback is a female dog.”

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