Louis Amundson gets one over on Shaq

King Ing April 15, 2009 1


Payback is a female dog. Watch as Louis Amudson gets Shaquille O’Neal back for all the times he has stolen his bike. The foam peanuts trick is great and all, but it doesn’t have any lasting effects as say leaving buttered popcorn in someone’s car.

Shaq vows revenge. But he might be short on time as the season ends today.

This also brought back memories for “The Big Cactus,” as he wants payback for the time Ashton Kutcher got him on that horrendous show Punk’d. Please get him good and make him pay for putting out crappy movies like “My Boss’s Daughter.”

-H/T NESW Sports

(Video is after the jump)

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  1. California Correspondent April 16, 2009 at 1:06 am -

    What does shaq drive? Is that a pimped out astro minivan?

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