Isiah Does Something Nice. I Still Hate Him.

Justin April 15, 2009 1

Isiah Thomas has officially taken over as head basketball coach at Florida International University, which is seemingly somewhere in Florida. But, when he got there, he learned that the school was facing layoffs and cutbacks as it struggles through the economic downturn.

“Hey”, Isiah thought, “I’m stealing $12 million from the Knicks this year. I probably don’t need whatever crap salary this school is going to offer me.”

and so:

At his introductory news conference at FIU on Wednesday, Thomas said his salary the first year from the Golden Panthers will be donated back to the school’s athletic department.

Remember on the old He-Man cartoon, when every now and again He-Man and Skeletor would team up to vanquish a common foe? Well, you didn’t like Skeletor anymore once the episode ended. That’s how I feel about this. Nice gesture Isiah. Why are you a jerk?

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  1. George C April 15, 2009 at 4:18 pm -

    Go FIU lol, speaking from an alumni standpoint at least it gets us on sportscenter!! Last time we were on TV we were in an all out brawl with UM…


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