You Should Watch This

Justin April 11, 2009 0

7pm Saturday Night. If you’re anything like me, you have no plans. Who goes out on Saturdays? It’s so cliche.

You should tune into ESPN to watch the NCAA men’s hockey championship game, live from the Verizon Center in Washington DC. Top-seeded Boston University takes on the cinderellas from Miami of Ohio. (That’s not actually their team name. It’s the role they’ve played by knocking off higher seeds throughout the tournament.)

But, if for some reason you won’t be around the watch, SCP has you covered. I’ll be doing something of a liveblog of the game, though I won’t be home until a few minutes after 7. So, I think it might be the internet’s first ever DVR-Blog.

That’s exciting, right? You’ll be part of history and you’ll be reading about a great hockey game. What else are you going to do on a Saturday? Go to a movie? Have sex with a girl? Come on!

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