Watch people open baseball cards, so you don’t have to do it yourself

California Correspondent April 5, 2009 1


The NY Times flexes their journalistic prowess today, uncovering a little-known group of baseball card collectors that share their exuberance in the “breaking” (ie. opening) of a box of new cards by posting their videos on YouTube.

“When you’re in a card store and you’re opening up a box of cards, I don’t care who’s in the store, they’re all waiting to see what you’re going to get,” said Rick Dalesandro, 45.

As a kid who collected baseball cards, I know the excitement that comes from opening a new pack of cards. And now you can experience this without even having to buy the cards.

Wearing a frizzy black wig, shades and zany tie-dye costumes, Dalesandro has branded himself as Dr. Wax Battle and invented a universe of characters and plotlines around him. He has more than 450 videos on YouTube, with several reaching 20,000 views, and each involves a box break.

While it’s a little creepy that the guy dresses up in a costume, it’s great that the baseball card companies are finding a way to market their products online. The only problem with baseball cards is that most of them eventually become worth nothing (like the Griffey Jr and Frank Thomas rookie cards I once owned). Check out Dr. Wax in action below…

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