Ty Lawson is the ultimate dice controller

King Ing April 3, 2009 1


Not only is Ty Lawson regarded as the best point guard in the country, it seems he has handles off the court as well. Craps is probably my favorite pit game in the casino and it seems like the reigning ACC Player of the Year has the same affinity for the dice.

Actually, I already played, Lawson said this afternoon. We got in last night, and Coach gave us a curfew of 1:30 (a.m.). I went over to Greektown and won about $250. So I already had my time there. It”s probably the last time I go there before the games start.

It seems like he wins everytime too. I need to start rolling with him. Unless he bets the don’t pass line! Then I despise him with every ounce of hate in my body.

“Much like on the court, Lawson is usually a winner, having peaked with an $1,800 score in the Bahamas.”

The only time I lost was in Reno; that’s when everybody on the team lost, Lawson said. “It’s the only place I lost. The other five or six times I did gamble, I won at least $500. Last night, it was all craps. It was like within an hour.

Ace-deuce on the hop!

-H/T The World of Isaac

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