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Alex Rodriguez loves himself some Alex Rodriguez

King Ing March 17, 2009 1

The new issue Details Magazine has New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez as their coverboy. And the spread done days after Sports Illustrated’s story on his reported use of a banned substance doesn’t do much

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Justin March 17, 2009 3

The Nets’ Sean Williams got arrested yesterday, for assaulting an employee at a cell phone store in suburban Denver. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know exactly what led to the altercation. But, I have

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush want their money back?

King Ing March 17, 2009 0

On Sunday Page Six reported that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian treated clubbers to some cash. “The amply rumped reality-show star recently joined her boyfriend, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, at Liv

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Abigail Clancy is ready for the summer

King Ing March 16, 2009 2

I still hold Peter Crouch’s achievement off the field in a higher regard then his goal scoring abilities on it. How he has managed to date Abi Clancy for this long remains a mystery.

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Let the NCAA Selection Committee teach you how to high five

King Ing March 16, 2009 0

I find too much enjoyment out of seeing grown men awkwardly high five each other. And watching them do it on national television, it only adds to the allure. Now take the NCAA Selection

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The New Yankee Stadium is the epitome of gorgeous

King Ing March 16, 2009 0

We no longer have to guess what the inside of the new Yankee Stadium looks like. Thanks to Bob Ruffolo we get a sneak peak to what 50,000 people will get to see in

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The Crackle Wonders; Seth Davis

Justin March 16, 2009 0

You know who’s been showing up on a lot of blogs these days? Seth Davis  from SI and CBS. He’s obviously in quite a bit of demand, being one of the most respected college

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Lauren Conrad and The Miz a match made in MTV heaven

King Ing March 15, 2009 3

So with the return of “The Hills” next month to MTV’s Monday night, it is only right that some gossip with the lead character spread to the tabloids. It looks as if Lauren Conrad’s

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Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis as backup singers to Bon Jovi

King Ing March 13, 2009 1

Josh Q Public brings us this video featuring Charlie Weis and Bill Belichick singing alongside Bon Jovi to his “Wanted Dead or Alive” single at a benefit for Weis’ daughter. These two are either

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Caption This

King Ing March 13, 2009 2

Henrik Stenson taking the skins match to another level. Actually he stripped down at the Doral to save a shot. But was it really necessary to take off everything? -Thanks to Big G for

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