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Darren Rovell is no match for The Fifth Third Burger

King Ing March 27, 2009 0

The West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor league baseball team has come up with a way for America to get fatter. They have created a concession called “The Fifth Third Burger.” It’s 5/3 lbs (1.66)

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Let’s get a GPS tracker on Tejada and other roid users

California Correspondent March 26, 2009 1

Today Miguel Tejada got probation for lying to Congress about steroid use in baseball. It seems like congress prefers to spend their time investigating steroids in sports, rather than cracking down on real crimes that

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And Yet… I’m Not All That Surprised

Justin March 26, 2009 0

The Los Angeles Clippers are the worst franchise in sports. It’s a tired old cliche. It’s a rhetorical crutch used by sportswriters who are no longer able to come up with new ideas. It

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Anna Kournikova beer pongs Jimmy Fallon

King Ing March 26, 2009 0

I have said it numerous times to numerous people that I think Jimmy Fallon is probably the unfunniest man in America. Not that he isn’t a nice guy, just that humor isn’t his thing.

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Dwight Howard is a Single Lady

King Ing March 26, 2009 2

I now believe that Dwight Howard is ready to take the reign of “NBA showman” from Shaquille O’Neal. Whether it be his antics at the dunk contest or his prank of other All-Stars, he

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Caption This

King Ing March 25, 2009 0

I think my Utah just Jazz’d in my pants!

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Against The Spread: Run for the Derby Preview

DeGags March 25, 2009 2

Just over five weeks until the ladies sing “My Olde Kentucky Home,” and the bugle will blare “Call to the Post,” proclaiming the long awaited start of the 135th run for the roses.  This

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£20,000 to the first Italian WAG to bed David Beckham

King Ing March 24, 2009 0

Rumors have surfaced that a group of Italian ladies have a running £20,000 bet to see who can be the first to seduce David Beckham. “According to Grazia magazine, there is no suggestion that

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Food Wars: Citi Field v the new Yankee Stadium

King Ing March 24, 2009 0

So when I first heard about the new Yankee Stadium’s list of concessions, I thought there was no way that they could compete with that of Citi Field. Was the braintrust behind the Bronx

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Lebron James, will you be my friend?

King Ing March 24, 2009 2

Page Six tells us about another athlete going to M2 Ultra Lounge and being more than grateful for the service he received. “Lebron James drinking water at M2 and leaving a huge tip after

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