Anna Kournikova beer pongs Jimmy Fallon

King Ing March 26, 2009 0


I have said it numerous times to numerous people that I think Jimmy Fallon is probably the unfunniest man in America. Not that he isn’t a nice guy, just that humor isn’t his thing. Did you watch his monologue last night? I cringed after every piss poor joke. You need better writers and to switch up your delivery.

The reason my TV was turned onto NBC at that hour was I heard that Anna Kournikova was going to play Fallon at beer pong. So as they ponged, the end result pretty much sums up what I think of the comedian. Total fail.

Although he has pretty much proved me wrong at every stage of his career. Maybe I am the total fail.

– More pics at Busted Coverage and video after the jump.

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