Korea and Japan wage war tonight in LA

California Correspondent March 23, 2009 0

yakuza-gang-photoLast night Roy Oswalt and Team USA got the TKO from Tokyo, as Dice-K (miraculously) gave up only two runs to the Americans — leading Japan to a 9-4 victory and a ticket to the finals vs. Korea.

Tonight Japan and Korea wage war at Dodger Stadium for the WBC finale, as Japan defends it’s title (and their honor).

While there is longstanding tension between Korea and Japan — there are also a huge number of Asian gangs in the LA-area that could attend tonight’s game. According to Streetgangs.com, there are up to 30 Asian gangs in Los Angeles. While I would be scared to sit next to a member of the “Last Generation Korean Killers” and the “White Dragons” — I would be happy to share my armrest at Dodger stadium with a member of the “Oriental Lazy Boys” or “Korean Play Boys”.

If you are attending the game tonight, stay safe, and avoid dudes with full body tattoos and white jockstrap type underwear.

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