Can You Hear Me Now?

Justin March 17, 2009 3

The Nets’ Sean Williams got arrested yesterday, for assaulting an employee at a cell phone store in suburban Denver. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know exactly what led to the altercation. But, I have been to a cell phone store and dealt with the horrible people who work there. So, I’m comfortable saying that Sean Williams was probably justified.

Here’s a few things that definitely happened before Williams threw a computer monitor across the room.

-He was told to sign his name to the queue when he walked in the door, even though there were more employees than customers in the store.

-He was forced to wait in a store who’s heat is on just a little too high for just a little too long, while other customers do the same, and everyone talks to each other about how poor the customer service is inside these places.

-When an employee finally calls his name, Williams explains his problem and the cell phone store employee then repeats it back to him, except his version is just different enough to make Sean Williams sound like an idiot.

-Sean Williams is trying to be polite while he says, “No, that’s not exactly the problem,” and once again tells his version of events. In the middle of the second explanation, though, the cell phone store employee decides to answer his/ her cell phone, and goes on to have a five minute personal conversation, which includes various profanities.

– Williams waits, patiently, though grows more and more annoyed. But, the employee eventually hangs up, and lets him continue his explanation of the problem. When it ends, the employee explains back the problem, except he tells his exact same version that he initially repeated back, which makes the customer an idiot.

– Sean Williams once again explains his problem, though this time he is visibly aggravated. The employee listens, finally gets it, then gives his answer. “There’s really nothing I can do for you about that. Unless you want to buy a new phone. I can give you the deal we usually give new customers, but then you’ll have to extend your contract by two years.”

– Sean Williams is not satisfied, and makes that point known. He asks for a manager. The cell phone store employee goes and grabs one of his co-workers, who is clearly not the manager, and brings him/her over. That person then repeats, “There’s nothing we can do for you….”

– Sean Williams is exasperated. He’s been there for an hour, been forced to wait, been talked down to, been interrupted by a personal call, been talked down to again, then been told there’s nothing that can be done, unless he signs on for two more years of abusive customer service.

-So, he throws something.

Do you blame him?


  1. buddy March 17, 2009 at 3:20 pm -

    Was it for three?

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