Syracuse beats UCONN in an epic 6 OT thriller

King Ing March 13, 2009 2

Syracuse UConn Basketball

As a UCONN fan this game was so emotionally draining. It had more highs and lows than any sporting event I can remember. Whether it be Eric Devendorf’s three that was good, but was overturned to Jeff Adrien’s missed opportunities in two overtimes, this game had everything sans a buzzer beater that counted.

Andy Rautins hit big shot after big shot. Johnny Flynn was relentless. AJ Price played exceptional over all six overtimes with 4 fouls. The only thing I wished for was that Kemba Walker and Craig Austrie tried to penetrate the defense more to force Paul Harris and Rautins (both with 4 fouls) to  play clean defense without fouling. I can’t be that upset as this was a game for the ages.

Hopefully the ‘Cuse have something left for a scrappy West Virginia team tonight. And here is to UCONN resting up for the big tournament next week. PRACTICE FREE THROWS!!! Did this game cost the Huskies a #1 seed? We will find out Sunday.

The shot that would have let the east coast hit bed before midnight.

The end of the game when even Jay Bilas was clapping for both teams.


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    That is possibly the best comment….EVER!

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