The Crackle Apologizes

Justin March 11, 2009 2

Back in October, we brought you the story of former NFL kicker Tony Zendejas, who had been accused of drugging and raping a woman at his San Dimas, California bar. He was charged with four felony counts.

I called him a dick.

Well, yesterday, Zendejas was acquitted of all four charges.  And so, I retract my comment.

He is not a dick. 


I hope this satisfies the commenters like  charlie bockover, who said this:

i have known tony for 30 years…i was his backup at nevada…nothing but class… have seen tony out on the town many times….low key…neverhad agood time at someone elses expense….always thought before he spoke or acted…for you to call him names without knowing the facts is classless…i can only hope that when z is cleared you will have the balls to publicly admit your slander…then go to the restaurant and face him personally…thank you

I DO have balls, Mr Bockover, though I will not be attending Mr. Zendejas’s restaurant anytime soon. California is not currently on my travel itinerary, though I do hear that San Dimas Football rules!


  1. Digital March 11, 2009 at 11:55 am -

    Finally a blogger who admits they are wrong!

  2. Ryan March 13, 2009 at 3:23 pm -

    Justin, your a stand up guy, but seriously he might still be a dick… So don’t beat yourself up. BetSportsWeb is a place you can bet on and against dicks playing football. LOL.

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