Lebron James’ rejects are most guys Dream Team

King Ing March 6, 2009 3


So Eighty81 had a party in Atlanta titled “A Night with Lebron James” at MF’s in Buckhead. And by the looks of it, a number of ladies came out to try and get some of that basketball money.

Black Sports Online alerts everyone that the picture seen here is not a line for the bathroom, but something even better.

“Now you know “Ya Boy” knows some of the most beautiful and influential women in the world, so my girl Special K who was VIP at the party tells me that the bench that these very lovely young ladies are sitting on was affectionately called the:


What that means for those who don’t make it “Partly Cloudy” in the club is the females who are considered “groupie” status normally hoard around one place in the club hoping to get access to the more exclusive section so they can have access to superstars like me. It appears this “reject bench” was that location.

I don’t get it? So if the girls can’t get into VIP, they just sit there and hope? This is going to perplex me to no end this weekend.



  1. frankie March 7, 2009 at 4:23 am -

    forget about the party inside with these honeys i could have a whole new meaning to party groupies

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