A Million Little Pitches

Justin March 3, 2009 0

Would you believe the backwoods high school graduate with three kids who just got laid off from a factory job?  Or would you side with the Harvard and Yale educated medical doctor doing his residency at one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York?

Well, if the last decade of corporate malfeasance and political dirty trickery is any guide, an Ivy League education is no indication of ethical high ground.

The latest instance is far less important than Enron, Fannie Mae or the War in Iraq, though it’s bothersome nonetheless.  According to the New York Times, it seems former minor league pitcher Matt McCarthy made up huge portions of his recently released memoir, which chronicled his one year as a pitcher in the Angels organization.

Have we learned nothing from James Frey and his grilling on Oprah? How does Matt McCarthy think he can use people’s names and not get called onto the carpet when he places them in the center of events they weren’t possibly there for.

When this book was first excerpted in Sports Illustrated, I was excited to read an outsiders take on the inner workings of minor league baseball. It turns out, it was just some elitist jerk’s attempt to mock his less educated, yet clearly more talented, compatriots because he never believed any of them would be smart enough to pick up a book and read.

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