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They don’t call him Donnie Baseball for nothing

California Correspondent February 7, 2009 2

We mentioned this was in the works a couple of months ago. Now presenting Donnie Baseball Racketball (also sporting a Socal-inspired flavor saver)

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Day 1 Recap of Aroid-gate

California Correspondent February 7, 2009 0

Shock and awe hit the Interweb this morning after SI dropped their scandalous report about Arod’s alleged steroid use in 2003. There has been a ton of coverage of this story today, so we’ve

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Dude, you’re getting Subway!

California Correspondent February 7, 2009 0

After getting smacked down by Kellogg’s and USA Swimming, Michael Phelps’ luck seems to be turning around

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Societal Hypocrisy Regarding Phelpsian Cannibus Use

Justin February 6, 2009 6

The phoniness is palatable. Michael Phelps has now been branded a bad guy for smoking pot. His top sponsor has turned its back on him. Even the organization he’s dedicated his life to helping

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Guillermo at the Champions of Gaming

King Ing February 6, 2009 0

Like I said earlier this week, Guillermo is a walking comedy. Here he is at the Champions of Gaming with Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, John Cena, Reggie Bush, among others raining down the funny

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Jessica Simpson meltdown as Tony Romo fails to show up

King Ing February 6, 2009 4

It might have been coincidence or Jessica Simpson might have really been flustered when her boyfriend Tony Romo failed to show up for her concert last night. “Well, it looks like Tony Romo missed

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No outside alcohol means the Preakness is dead

King Ing February 6, 2009 5

When “Debbie Gibson” forwarded me the story about the Maryland Jockey Club banning outside alcohol from the Preakness Infield I felt a piece of me die. It was like learning that there is no

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Going Old School: February 8, 1986

tommy neumann February 6, 2009 0

This will be a weekly column to highlight some of the classic sports moments of our generation. So if you remember Don Mattingly hitting six grand slams during the 1987 season or Andre Agassi

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Moneyball: The Movie

Justin February 5, 2009 2

There’s only one thing in the world that could be more exciting that watching a baseball player walk. Obviously, that would be a movie about baseball players walking.  Steven Soderbergh has apparently decided to

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Sandy Koufax and Bacon: Together For the First Time

Justin February 5, 2009 0

What does it take to combine the nation’s greatest ever Jewish athlete with it’s most favorite non-kosher breakfast meat? The answer, of course, is billions and billions of dollars

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