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Alex Rodriguez has a little fun partying in the Bahamas

King Ing February 12, 2009 1

A-Rod was living it up at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a couple nights before the report that puts an asterisk on his career came out. And by the looks of it he

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Which actress-dating athlete loves his college girls?

King Ing February 12, 2009 2

I am starting to like these blind items way too much. Here is today’s “wicked whisper” courtesy of Gatecrasher. “Which pro athlete’s actress-girlfriend is going to be less than pleased when she discovers he’s

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UFC and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Mashup Video Game

King Ing February 11, 2009 1

This possibly is the greatest youtube video I have seen in a long time. It mixes my favorite video game (Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out) with an actual UFC fight. Someone get me an 8-bit Nintendo

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Justin February 11, 2009 1

So, Robbie Alomar, what’s new? Oh

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Caption This

King Ing February 11, 2009 0

Frank Lampard and John Terry have a different training regimen then the rest of their England teammates

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Pornstar Gina Lynn loves her Philly sports

King Ing February 11, 2009 3

Or should i say sitting on the laps of Philadelphia sports figures. She runs the gauntlet of teams including the Flyers, Phillies and the Eagles. Gina Lynn is just missing the Philadelphia Soul. Scottie

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Cristiano Ronaldo now dating a young college student

King Ing February 11, 2009 3

The life of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be better than mine. The Sun reports that the Portuguese star is dating Olivia Saunders, a 18 year old student from Manchester University. “It is understood Ronaldo

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Obama clearly not a baseball fan…

California Correspondent February 11, 2009 0

This might be the first time I’ve strongly disagreed with Obama. He says: “It tarnishes an entire era”. Not true Barack. Does Arod’s actions really tarnish every player of this era? “I’m pleased about

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What former athlete is rumored to be into beastiality?

King Ing February 10, 2009 6

The New York Daily News ran a blind item over the weekend that was rather outrageous. It since has been removed, but my crack searching skills found it on their website. It asked, “What

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From Speaker of the House to Football Team Owner

California Correspondent February 10, 2009 1

Meet your new United Footbal League team owner, Ms. Nancy Pelosi. By way of her husband Paul’s incomprehensible $30 million investment, Ms. Pelosi is now the proud owner of all 4 UFL teams. Yes,

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