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What former athlete is rumored to be into beastiality?

King Ing February 10, 2009 6

The New York Daily News ran a blind item over the weekend that was rather outrageous. It since has been removed, but my crack searching skills found it on their website. It asked, “What

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From Speaker of the House to Football Team Owner

California Correspondent February 10, 2009 1

Meet your new United Footbal League team owner, Ms. Nancy Pelosi. By way of her husband Paul’s incomprehensible $30 million investment, Ms. Pelosi is now the proud owner of all 4 UFL teams. Yes,

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Top 53 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Models

King Ing February 10, 2009 0

Continuing with the celebration of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, these guys ranked the top 53 models of all time. Niki Taylor got jobbed [In Game Now

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Tracy McGrady’s epic fail on a breakaway dunk

King Ing February 10, 2009 4

Things could have not gone worse for T-Mac last night. 25 minutes, 1-9 from the field resulting in 3 points. I guess you can basically sum it all up with this play. And this

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Michael Phelps isn’t so hot at beer pong

King Ing February 10, 2009 5

So this one party that Michael Phelps attended in South Carolina not only ruined his reputation, it also put a mini dent in his wallet. According to Page Six, Phelps was outgunned at a

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Jessica Simpson hides the rolls but shows us the cottage cheese

California Correspondent February 9, 2009 0

Jessica Simpson hides the rolls but shows us the cottage cheese. [Epic Carnival

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Obligatory A-Rod Opinion Piece

Justin February 9, 2009 3

Before we get into it, here’s my Arod story: When the Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez, I was excited. Actually, excited is a bit of an understatement. A woman I worked with described it

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Lil Penny is back and touring NYC

King Ing February 9, 2009 0

Who knew Lil Penny was still around. Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway’s alter ego was out and about NYC and Kix and the City has the photos to back it up. “Wearing a White Nike Windrunner,

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Greg Paulus joins the line of Duke players to get dunked on

King Ing February 9, 2009 0

Dwayne Collins of Miami posterized Greg Paulus over the weekend. The poor point guard of Duke had little chance against the bigger and obviously more athletic Collins. Wojo Light joins Kyle Singler, Brian Zoubek,

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Jeff Reed continues to party year round

King Ing February 9, 2009 1

And by the looks of it, he also enjoys sticking microphones near random guys butt crack. Now that Mike Vanderjagt is out of the league, Jeff Reed is the one that brings all the

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