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Going Old School: February 13, 2008

California Correspondent February 13, 2009 0

It feels like it happened 5 years ago, but it was actually just 1 year ago today that Roger Clemens stood in front of Congress and claimed that he never used steroids. A lot

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Larry Fitzgerald punks Chris Cooley

King Ing February 13, 2009 0

My favorite professional sports blogger Chris Cooley got played by Larry Fitzgerald at the Pro Bowl. Right before halftime #11 catches a hail mary touchdown from Drew Brees. This is where it gets good.

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One More Thing

Justin February 12, 2009 1

After letting the story sink in for an extra day, I have one final thought on the Robbie Alomar AIDS situation

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Alex Rodriguez has a little fun partying in the Bahamas

King Ing February 12, 2009 1

A-Rod was living it up at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a couple nights before the report that puts an asterisk on his career came out. And by the looks of it he

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Which actress-dating athlete loves his college girls?

King Ing February 12, 2009 2

I am starting to like these blind items way too much. Here is today’s “wicked whisper” courtesy of Gatecrasher. “Which pro athlete’s actress-girlfriend is going to be less than pleased when she discovers he’s

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UFC and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Mashup Video Game

King Ing February 11, 2009 1

This possibly is the greatest youtube video I have seen in a long time. It mixes my favorite video game (Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out) with an actual UFC fight. Someone get me an 8-bit Nintendo

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Justin February 11, 2009 1

So, Robbie Alomar, what’s new? Oh

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Caption This

King Ing February 11, 2009 0

Frank Lampard and John Terry have a different training regimen then the rest of their England teammates

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Cristiano Ronaldo now dating a young college student

King Ing February 11, 2009 3

The life of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be better than mine. The Sun reports that the Portuguese star is dating Olivia Saunders, a 18 year old student from Manchester University. “It is understood Ronaldo

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Obama clearly not a baseball fan…

California Correspondent February 11, 2009 0

This might be the first time I’ve strongly disagreed with Obama. He says: “It tarnishes an entire era”. Not true Barack. Does Arod’s actions really tarnish every player of this era? “I’m pleased about

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