David Beckham lives at George Clooney’s while playing with Kevin Garnett

King Ing February 26, 2009 0


Look at me trying to get two different David Beckham items into one post. It’s the economy I tell you. Just doing my part and cutting back.

People reports that the Beckham clan have leased George Clooney’s compound.

“Italy’s Lake Como, where the soccer hunk is currently living in the former Sexiest Man Alive’s villa while Clooney is away, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Clooney, 47, recently filmed a March 12 special episode of NBC’s ER, while Beckham, 33, has been playing in Italy for AC Milan under a loan agreement with his LA Galaxy team.

Hello! magazine, which first reported the sublease, says Clooney and Beckham became friends after being introduced by designer Giorgio Armani at last year’s Met Ball in New York.

I wish I had famous friends that had villas in Italy. Instead I have friends that want to plan the next craze across America…BARN PARTIES!

Now the second part of your double dose of David is a clip from the Adidas House Party that aired last year. It shows Beckham and Kevin Garnett fooling around with a soccer ball and basketball hoop. As KG tried and failed to kick the ball into the hoop numerous times, Goldenballs does it in one attempt. Again proving that basically every man is inferior to him.

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