LiveBlog: Me-ARod Culpa

Justin February 17, 2009 3

ARod met the media about his steroid use this afternoon. SCP  live-blogged all the steroidy fun.

1:25: Here are some questions that need to be answered: What kind of steroids did you take? Who gave them to you? Did you inject steroids?

It will also be interesting to see whether or not he publicly apologizes to Selena Roberts. Arod called her privately, but the publisher of SI says that’s not enough

1:30: Will ARod benefit from the struggling economy today? Less papers and other media outlets are sending reporters to cover spring training this year.  Will that mean less reporters showing up and asking questions?

1:31: Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada, and Girardi will all be there. Will CC Sabathia show up when he finds out there’s a media buffet?

1:35: I’m watching on Yes, but this is also being carried live on ESPN, ESPNEWS, CNN, probably MSNBC, as well as all the local NY TV and radio outlets. And,, etc. etc.

1:40: Here’s a prediction for the upcoming season. ARod will hit .350 with 58 homers and 175 RBI. He will only strike out one time, but it will happen with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth down one run in game 7 of the World Series. As a result, he will be booed lustily on Opening Day 2010. and he will deserve it.

1:44: Arod is late. He’s apparently taking his spring training physical. Seriously. Why didn’t they plan this better?

1:48: Seems to be starting now. Arod walking in with Cashman, followed by his teammates.

1:52: Reporters will get one question each, with no follow ups. That’s not exactly the type of transparency some people would have hoped for.

1:53: Alex says he’s nervous, calls this a  “Stupid mistake.” You think?

1:54: He and his cousin in the Dominican Republic  bought some over the counter crap, and made up a dosing schedule.  His cousin administered it twice a month, for no good reason.

1:55: I’m clean now!

1:57: Arod’s excited to move on and do the job he’s blessed to have. That, of course, is popping to 3rd base with two men on in the sixth inning of a 2 run game

1:58: TEARS!!!!!

1:59: Is Aquafina happy to be the official water of Arod’s steroid press conference?

2:06:  An anti-steroid advocate is there as a prop. This is why people hate ARod.  He’s sitting here apologizing, and at the same time trying to turn himself into an advocate for kids.

2:10: No on HGH, but yes on Rip Fuel.

2:11: Give the guy credit for not throwing his cousin under the bus, by revealing his identity. Unfortunately for that guy, there’s definitely a Daily News reporter already on a plane headed down to the Dominican Republic to find him.

2:14: “We knew we weren’t taking tic tacs.”

2:15: Again he says this is about me and no one else. I’m impressed by the fact that he’s taking the heat and not blaming other teammates.

2:22: Should your records count? “That’s not for me to decide”

2:25: He made the point over and over that his two best seasons happened before and then after he took the steroids.

2:28: That’s it. What do we think? I guess he came off alright, though I don’t believe it changed anyone’s opinion of him. He may have satisfied the reporters who all rushed to Selena Roberts defense, though, by admitting he was wrong about her.


  1. bshrek February 17, 2009 at 3:26 pm -

    can we bring up that he said he did steroids twice a month for 6 months from 01-03, that makes zero sense…can we also bring up that selena roberts was the one who terrorized the duke lacrosse team and labled them rapists and ruined their lives, and never apologized to them when they were found not guilty…she is a dumb c*nt

  2. amiller February 17, 2009 at 3:40 pm -

    Duke sucks, and those kids deserved to have their life ruined simply by agreeing to go to Duke… regardless of whether she’s a dumb c*nt or not.

    I wasn’t impressed with him. The pause for tears while he was waiting to say “thanks” to his team mates is cheesy and contrived. His PR people needed to have him rehearse that a little better.

    Oh, and he bench pressed 300lbs in HS for a free jacket? Riiiight. Not for the P*ssy? Not because he was a highly recruited HS player? I mean COME ON, he grew up in Miami. Who needs a jacket in Miami? Is he a Jewish grandmother?

    /I’m a Jew for the jokes
    //Duke sucks, still
    ///Go Terps

  3. King Ing February 17, 2009 at 3:42 pm -

    ARod doesn’t make much sense. Why is he orange?

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