Mike Tyson’s Valentine’s Day Memories

California Correspondent February 15, 2009 0

Tyson and Givens Life MagazineFebruary 14th sucks for a lot of dudes, because it means you have to go out and smother your lady with flowers, chocolates, dinner and a hallmark card. But honestly, it isn’t really as bad as Mike Tyson’s valentines day of 1989 — the day his divorce to Robin Givens was finalized — and in retrospect, marked the turning point of Iron Mike’s career. He lost is wife, his trainer, and his title all within 12 months, and was shipped off to jail shortly thereafter. Tyson is supposedly working on an autobiography, but is there really anything left for him to tell us?

After the jump is the classic video of Tyson listening to Robin Givens tell the world about their abusive relationship…

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