Should We Watch This?

Justin February 14, 2009 0

You’re time is valuable, especially late on a Sunday night.  So, let’s study the facts and decide if its worth your trouble to tune into “Eastbound and Down,” the new baseball-themed comedy premiering on HBO tomorrow night.

Danny McBride plays former Major League pitcher Kenny Powers in HBO's new comedy.


– It’s produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who made Anchorman and Talledega Nights.

– It’s on HBO, which means there will be no censoring of filthy dirty jokes or nudity.

– It seems like the sort of show which will be chock full of amazing one liners which will instantly translate into great insults and conversation inserts with your friends.

-It’s on at 10:30 Sunday night. You just watched Flight of the Conchords and you’re not totally sure where the remote is. Plus, there’s really nothing else on at that time, unless you like made for tv movies or formulaic CBS crime dramas.


-This Danny McBride guy hasn’t shown me anything particularly special. He was in Tropic Thunder for like five minutes, and had a funny line in the Pineapple Express Trailer. (I never saw the entire movie.) He apparently made some Kung Fu spoof that caught everyone’s attention, but, come on, there’s no way that’s actually funny.

-He and his writing partners say they aren’t particularly big baseball fans. That means it will be full of over  the top baseball stereotype jokes and dumb jock antics, with absolutely no comedic subtlety. Also, it may be full of factual innacuracies which will piss you off. I once watched some show where the guy was talking about a great moment with his dad.

“He brought me to a game once, and Reggie Jackson hit four homeruns.”

Well, Reggie Jackson never hit four homeruns in a game. I know that, and so I could no longer watch the show. It’s just laziness. All the stats are on the internet, you Hollywood hacks. Google it!

-Danny McBride has a mullet. It’s a sight gag. It’s a comedic crutch. It’s proof that he doesn’t have faith in the script to be funny, so he needs to make himself look stupid so you’ll laugh.


I’m not hopeful, but I’m not prepared to completely write this thing off. My advice is this. Watch it for the first ten minutes, then trust your instincts. If it seems like it sucks, don’t wait to see if it can save itself. It can’t.  But, if you’re digging it, by all means stick with it.

And let me know what you think. I’ll be watching “The Unit” on CBS.  Up your butt, Jo-Boo

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